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Themes: Style Your Agreements Your Way

Welcome to the world of Themes! It's like giving your agreements a personal makeover, ensuring they resonate with your brand's unique flair. Let's jazz up those agreements!

Why Themes? Make a Statement!

Themes are not just about looks; they're your brand's ambassadors in the agreement process. With the ability to customize logos, primary colors, and icons, you ensure each agreement feels like a natural extension of your, or your client's, brand.

Key Perks of Themes:

  • Brand Alignment: Match the look of the agreement with your or your customer's application. It's like wearing a tailored suit – fits just right!
  • Limitless: Go wild! Create as many themes as you want. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Needle + Haystack = No problem

  • Lookup Keys: Need to find a theme quickly? Use a lookup key for easy searching via the get-endpoint. It's like having a secret map to your treasure.

Create, Retrieve, Brand, Repeat:

  1. Create a Theme: Send a POST request to our endpoint with your desired style. Think of it as casting a spell to create magic!
  2. Retrieve with Ease: Pull up any theme details whenever you need them. It's like having a library of your favorite books.
  3. Apply to Agreements: Use the theme ID to brand individual agreements. Each agreement becomes a canvas for your artistic expression.

A Note on using Themes with Agreements

While co-branding agreements can add a dash of exclusivity, remember it might bring additional costs.

With great power comes great responsibility

While you can create and delete themes freely, be aware that if you delete a theme that is in use by one or more agreements, their custom branding will be removed.

Ready to add some pizzazz to your agreements? Dive into the details of Themes and start creating your unique brand experience today!